Top 5 Tips for Summer Weddings

Summer wedding season is here and so is the heat! Here are our Top 5 tips to beat the heat during your summer wedding.

wedding party in golf cart


1. Provide as much shade as possible. Whether that means purchasing cute parasol umbrellas for your guests or positioning your ceremony under our shaded Sycamore Tree. We can host weddings inside our Pavilion tent and quickly turn it around for your reception.

2. Plenty of ice water. We can assure that this is accessible pre ceremony, cocktail hour, all day!

3. Purchase handheld electric fans, or paper fans for your guests during an outdoor ceremony. Once inside our Pavilion tent, we have industrial sized AC fans to cool off your guests during dinner and dancing!

4. Have a cold towel and/or ice packs for the back of your neck, or slipped under your wedding dress. Opt for biker shorts under dresses to prevent chafing.

5. Have a change of clothes. If you’re wearing a suit, a change of dress shirt in between the ceremony and reception can feel so nice! Don’t forget armpit pads for groom and groomsman. Consider a reception cocktail dress.

Bonus! Go for an alternative dessert to keep everyone cool, like an ice cream cart!
Blotting napkins help keep your makeup intact!

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