Create a Magical Exit with Sparklers

Wedding sparklers make for a truly festive, unforgettable, and photographic exit for any event. And what luck! Our wedding venues allow for sparkers!

Here are a couple ideas so that you can plan ahead for the most magical exit:

Invest in high quality, long burning, 20 to 36-inch wands. You don’t want guests in the back of the line’s wands to burn out before the people in the front have even gotten there’s lit. 

Buy more than you think you need, and have plenty of lighters. You don’t want a few duds to spoil your photos.

Have a sign as part of your décor so that your guests know you are planning on having a send-off. Also, have your DJ announce when it’s time for guests to grab their sparklers and line up for your exit.

Have a bucket of sand for guests to use to extinguish their sparklers at the end.

Make sure to walk slowly through your lineup of guests so your photographer has an easy time capturing every move. And don’t forget the dip and kiss at the end!

Looking for more inspiration on how to orchestrate your grand exit? Here are some of our favorite sparkler send-off moments from our couple.

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