When to Book Your Wedding Venue

Are you newly engaged and just beginning to daydream about what your day may look like? If yes, congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of wedding planning.


If you’re wondering where to begin, finding and booking your venue is the best place to start. It’s one of the biggest tasks on your list and will make planning the rest of your day that much easier. 

You’ll Have The Best Chance of Getting The Date You Want

Do you have your heart set on a certain date? When looking out a year ahead of time, you’ll have a better chance at securing your ideal date. 

You’ll Be Able To Choose Your Ideal Venue

It goes without saying that top-tier wedding venues like The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks are in demand. Booking your date right away means you can have the wedding of your dreams at your dream location.

You Can Start Securing Other Vendors

All the other planning that’s involved with your wedding day hinges on booking your venue – that includes everything from ordering your cake to hiring your DJ.  Once you book your venue, you can  start putting together all the other details of your day. Remember certain vendors can only be in one place at one time and should definitely be hired first. This includes your planner, photographer, and florists depending on their company size.

You Can Give Your Guests Lots Of Advance Notice

Booking your wedding venue as soon as possible means you can start with designing your invitations and wedding website. By giving your guests lots of notice about your wedding date and location, there’s a better chance you’ll have everyone at your event that you would hope celebrate your new marriage.

Let’s get this location scouting started! We are now booking for 2023.

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