Four Pretty Napkin Folds For Your Wedding or Event

Four of our prettiest napkin folds for your upcoming wedding or event. Napkins are a fantastic way to personalize your wedding. Our event coordinators, Gabby and Nicole have few ideas on beautiful napkin folds. Watch below!

Whether your hosting a wedding, gala, auction, prom or celebration of life each of these napkin folds and color can add so much character to your event. We have fifteen color napkin color choices for you to choose from. 

Pocket Fold

This is a great way to add a program, menu or favor to your table. You can also add a piece of greenery or accent color of your liking. 

Tent or Pyramid Fold

The Tent or Pyramid Fold adds texture to your table. Having the napkin elevated can add some dimension to your table.

Goblet  Fold

For a quick and classic presentation add a napkin to your glass.

Tree  Fold

Hosting a holiday party? This tree fold is a fun way to add a festive touch to your table.

One last tip, add coordinating colors to your table for a fun way to incorporate your overall color scheme.

These aren’t your only options!

We love it when clients bring in napkin rings and new folds for us to learn!

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