Seating Chart Ideas

Looking for a unique way to guide guests to their seats? These creative seating chart ideas will do the trick.



Seating charts are a great way to incorporate your wedding theme, color and style in to your decor. Whether you opt for something budget friendly like a board in your signature colors, or something a bit more over the top we have a few ideas on how to display your seating chart.

  • Hand writing it on a mirror – guests get to do a quick makeup touch up & outfit check while finding their table

  • Individual drinks – champagne flutes, liquor shots, or cocktails are placed on shelves with each person’s names and their table number
  • Incorporate your theme –  if you have a travel themed wedding, use a globe to represent each table and write each guests name on it

  • Keep it simple and chic –  a clear acrylic panel with hand written table number and guests name, side note: if it’s clear you can always put decorations behind it to incorporate all colors and themes of your wedding

Remember, your seating chart should reflect your personality and style as a couple. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it!

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